Second issue of the Swedish unicycling mag

The second issue of the Swedish unicycling mag på1hjul has hit the Internet. If you’re not able to read Swedish you can always look at the pics :wink:

Choose between download (pdf) or flip through the pages in your browser (powered by ISSUU)

Oh, and many thanks to Roger Davis, Paul Royle and turtle for their contributions.

I like the red underline on the text lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, looks great.
Wish I could read it, especially the article about the ride to Santiago in northern Spain. I know that area a little and have often thought about doing some of the old pilgrimage route (is this it?)…does anybody know any more details or if there is an English translation?

Yes, this is the Camino de Santiago. The rider found the trails easy with plenty of nice downhill riding and the lodgings were very cheap. Alas, no translation.

Great! :smiley: Too bad you non-swedes can’t read it :o Im also in there, pages 12-14 :slight_smile: