second hand giraffe

Dear All,

I am Brazilian, 52 years old, newbie to unicycling (I have been doing it for 4
months). I still do not freemount or hover. Since I will be in the US in the
beginning of January, 1999, I would very much like to use that opportunity and
get myself a giraffe to bring home.

The ideal one would probably be a second-hand one, since I am not sure that I
will adapt to that sort of vehicle at all.

I have some questions to the list:

  1. considering I will in the NY aread, is there any unicycling club where I
    could try a giraffe before committing myself to buying one?

  2. what make / model would you recommend?

    I thought I would be better off with the smallest possible giraffe, in order
    to minimize any future falls (it scares the hell out of me, falling from
    such heights…!)

    Any suggestions, opinions are most welcome.

    Thank you.

Re: second hand giraffe


I would recommend looking for a Penguin. I have an old one that I bought used.
It is 4.5’high. It was thrown in on a deal I made for a 6’Schwinn. At 47 I do
not like the sudden jolt I have to endure from a sudden, unscheduled dismount
from the Schwinn. The fall from the penguin is not too bad. Sorry, my Penguin is
not for sale, but they are out there.

John Hooten

Re: second hand giraffe


Can you please provide a better description of your “Penguin?”

Who made it? What is the quality of construction? Has it held up well for
whoever was using it before you got it? What type of seat does it have? Do
YOU enjoy it?

As I have an extra “Giraffe,” I might consider trading it to someone for a

The guy I bought the 2nd “Giraffe” for got cold feet … so a "Penguin
would be just the thing!!


S.G. Dressler - Hong Kong )–/============================O

P.S. The Giraffe is in San Jose, Cal. and sorry, it’s NOT for sale. But on
second thought, anyone wanna trade for something else “Cool” if a Penguin
doesn’t waddle by?

John Hooten wrote:

>I would recommend looking for a Penguin. Sorry, my Penguin is not for
sale, but they are out there.