Second Dresdner unicycleday -- "Zweiter Dresdener Einradtag"

We make at the 8.10.2005 the second unicycleday in Dresden.

It start with race 100m, 400m, 800m, 10km, 50m one foot, 30m wheel walk, high and long jump.
After this we make some games favorite unicylehockey.

Trial, workshops and fun is by the way.

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9 Uhr Check in
09:50 Uhr 100 m (Start always U13 f/m, U19f/m, A19 f/m )
10:20 Uhr Expert 100 m
10:25 Uhr 400 m
10:55 Uhr Expert 400m
11:00 Uhr 800 m
11:20 Uhr Expert 800m
11:30 Uhr One foot
11:30 Uhr Gliding
11:50 Uhr Expert one foot
11:55 Uhr Wheel walk
12:00 Uhr Expert wheel walk
12:10 Uhr Staffel 4*100m
12:20 Uhr Costing

13 Uhr 10 km

from 14-22 Uhr some unicycle games special unicyclehockey

trial and citycross