second day on a 26

Just cut down the frame on my 26er Former for the little unicyclist.

Second day on a 26:

Look at him go! Great job by both of you.

I can only smile. It took me 6 months to do that.

Tell your little one he is doing a great job.

Love it!

Yeah, proud Dad. He’s been doing really well but its hard to go further than around the block on his 20" especially if his little brother comes on his bike. I have heard of Gear and others getting kids on 24" munis early which should be about the size of a 26" road. And ofcourse DavidHood’s daughter going from 20" to 36" I believe. So out came the hacksaw. He rides fast enough that it is comfortable to follow him on a 36er. Now we can try the bike paths.:smiley:


Looking forward to more!

Nice. Congrats to you and him.

That is so great!!! How old is he??

He’s 8. He likes the big wheels like his dad.