Seatwrap Tutorial - HQ

Hello everyone.

I wasn’t sure if I should put this in videos or tutorials, because it’s both.
Anyways, here it is, I filmed it all today.

Hope it helps.

Also, I know Isaac Steiner used this song, but it was the only instrumental one I had that somewhat fit the riding.

I know this isn’t the hardest trick, but when I wanted to start flat, I this is the one trick that really intimidated me.

Sorry I am making a new thread. The old one was a mess.

At the end, I said “Don’t get discouraged.”

I really mean that. This morning, I went out and landed 5 in about 15 minutes. Then went out later, didn’t land any in about 30 minutes.

Finally went out and landed 5 or 6 in 15 minutes. I even managed to get 1 seat wrap, another seat wrap, SIB-HOP seatwrap, and seatwrap all in a row.

This trick is extremely difficult to get consistant, so don’t worry about so much.

I’m gonna assume it’s easier with Moments and Rollos as well. I use Qu-Ax Lightweight freestyle cranks.


Good tutorial, but for the record, you didn’t make that mount on your own, I used it for seatwraps, and for rolling wraps. You broke the trick down pretty nicely, but the mount portion should have come before the actual trick with the hops in between. The mount is a step backwards, no?

My bad. I had never seen it before.

Nice tutorial! I wish more people would do these.

I first learned the basic leg wrap when I broke my seat clamp on a vanuni ride.
I has a couple hours to burn with a uni with a loose seat. So I did leg wraps over and over. I’ve managed 4 at most, but it remains one thats really hard to be consistent with.

thanks for the tutorial, makes me wanna learn the trick.

is it necassary to know how to do leg arounds with both feet to learn seatwraps?

Leg Wraps

Great Instructional Video,

          I Like It!

I think it only matters with your dominant foot. The first half of the seatwrap.