Seatwrap *ROAR!?*

There’s like no explanation to this stupid problem that’s what is angering me. In the first part of the seat wrap you take one leg around and place it on the crank then the second part you bring your other leg around to complete the seatwrap.

In the first step just as my leg is placed on the crank or when it is on the crank, the whole unicycle rolls forwards so that I can’t place my foot on it properly then my foot just slips strait of the crank, HOW THE ****** (sorry really angry) can i prevent this :o…:)?
(I am left foot back)

which leg are you starting with? and from which crank? back or front?

you might try starting the wrap with the other leg. may get different results…

I start with my left foot on left crank which is facing back. I just tried the other leg but that was MAXIMUM FAIL.

You just have to learn to stay right over the cranks like you did when you learnt normal leg wraps

keep your knees bent and go through the first half of the wrap quickly, then pause on the cranks and complete the wrap. don’t throw your weight around and the wheel shouldnt roll that much

I learnt to do leg wraps on a slight hill (to help prevent the wheel rolling out), but I could never get any where with seat wraps until I found somewhere Completely flat, because you need to not roll in both directions.

IMO its better, (if harder) to do them on the forward facing crank, as this will make rolling wraps more possible in the future

i start on the crank going forward and find it way easier.Itrs easier because you can do the 2nd part like you would do a normal leg wrap and the 2nd part is the hardest part cause you need to bring the seat round the back of you

I do too :thinking:

Id be confused to if I said two different things about how I do something within a few posts.

Woops, I start on the front crank not back, I said back because that is the foot that i take off which starts on the back crank.

Anyway i should be rite now beecause 2nd try after Michael (padster) told my why the unicycle is rolling forward i landed one. :slight_smile: