Seattles 'big' snowstorm: man commuting on Uni in snow

Not sure who it is, but he made our local news commuting in the snow on his Uni…

News snow uni video

Thanks for sharing.

We finally got a resonable dump of snow a few days ago but along with that, the temperatures dropped as well so haven’t bothered to get the uni out for a nice minus 45c ride.

Mine wouldn’t play the vid :angry:

you didn’t miss much :wink:

Are you sure?


Are you certainly positive? I really don’t want to miss out.

yes i am lol

I wonder where that guy is. That doesn’t really look like Seattle. Maybe one of the 'burbs.

I’m in Seattle proper, and I was getting around on my KH 24" just fine. Even did some trials in the snow. I know my friend was out on his KH 36".

I don’t have much good to say about the video other than I guess any publicity is good publicity.

That poor guy is just out of shape. It’s not “so hard” unless he’s really trying to ride a long way. Looks like technically easy for any unicyclist who has a studded tire…

BTW, is that considered a lot of snow up there? :slight_smile:

Anything over 1cm of snow is a LOT! It doesn’t even have to snow, just the forecast is enough to get everyone going berzerk. Lots of hills, lots of people who have never been in snow, lots of people who can barely drive in the first place… Throw some snow in there and all hell breaks loose. :smiley: