Seattle Urban Coker Ride, 10 Jan 2004

John Childs, Irene Genelin, Tom Blackwood and I went on a delightful urban Coker ride yesterday. The food section of this post is as long as the ride section and I’m including it just to aggravate Tom who had to leave before chowing down with the rest of us.

We met at my place in Crown Hill about 1:30 and took off for the downtown waterfront sometime before 2:00. The first feature is crossing the Ballard Bridge which links downtown Ballard, about 2.5 miles south of my place, with Magnolia. The linked photo shows the gang on the bridge. They look startled because they have to stare at me …I’m holding the camera. The bridge is navigated by a sidewalk with a tall (20") curb on one side separating you from the 40 mph traffic and a Coker seat height rail on the other side separating you from a 100 foot drop into the drink.

We proceeded through lower Magnolia onto the Terminal 91 Bike trail which links Magnolia to the two concatenated waterfront parks north of downtown. There is a posted speed limit on the trail which JC tried to overcome with his new GB framed Coker with Airfoil rim. JC managed to reach 14.2 mph, a new record for him. The rest of us of course easily broke the speed limit. Blackwood one-footed it.

From this trail, we entered Elliot Bay Park on the waterfront north of town where Irene did some frame stand chin ups showing her extensive athletic prowess at the fishing pier. Here, John and Tom show their athletic prowess at the same spot with downtown Seattle in the background.

We went through Elliot Bay Park into Myrtle Edwards Park, also on the north waterfront, and ended up here, at the downtown waterfront. The view of downtown from there looks like this.

We locked up the Cokers at the bottom of the Pike Place Hill Climb to the market, a long set of stairs and overhead walkways crowded with pedestrians and shoppers. At the market, some sampling and purchases were made at the Garlic Garden as well as some other spots. From October, when Andy Cotter was here, we have a video of Irene idling her MUni as the fish mongers toss fish to her on a different ride. I can only get it to play sideways and won’t post it until I get it upright, maybe JC or Andy will do it. Also, John was reminded of his childhood pet pig, Tonka, in this shot.

Rather than retrace our steps exactly, we took a different route and stopped at Fisherman’s Terminal underneath the Ballard Bridge where John spent some time doing what he does best: hamming for the camera. We finished up with a long climb back up Crown Hill to my place at about 5:00. Tom logged 15.2 miles for the ride.

John, Irene, and I (after copying some photos and managing to get rid of Tom) walked to the end of my street to the Thai Siam restaurant where we enjoyed a meal of Lard Nar, Phad Thai, and Phad Prig King. Irene works out alot and clearly this wasn’t going to be enough. We discussed some of the attributes of sushi with a reluctant John Childs and headed up to the Bento Sushi restaurant, a block north of the Thai place. We waved to the guys at Michaocan Mexican restaurant, an after ride chow house of the past, as we walked by.

At the Bento Sushi restaurant Irene goaded me into trying an eel roll. Eel is not my favorite but I was tempted by her promise that the head of the eel stuck out the end of the roll and I would get to (have to) eat it. I was both disappointed and relieved to find out that she was lying about the head. We asked the chef to also prepare us something of his choice which turned out to be a king crab roll lightly cooked tempura style. The little dessert was rounded out with a Tako salad, a sunomono type salad with octopus and a touch of red chili sauce. I was proud of John for sampling everything.

I promised Irene that the Greek restaurant up the street sold outstanding pita which she would be needing to deliver the jalepeno garlic sauce she bought at the Garlic Garden to her chops for her late night snack. We left Bento and trekked a half block north to Taki’s Mad Greek restaurant to pick up a bag of pita. As soon as we walked in, Taki, at the grill, turned around and saw me and said that he had VERY smoky and garlicy babaganouj that day. He knows I’m a sucker for it. I quickly convinced my partners that they needed to sample this mediterranean treat as neither had heard of it before. It was dynamite. We finally rolled out of the last eatery at 8:00 stuffed to the gills with ethnic delights. Eat your heart out, Blackwood.

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I have a rotated version of the video in my Miscellaneous Stuff gallery. We catch fish a little bit differently in Seattle.

Great ride report Greg!

I was at the Pike Place Market last fall with my family. We stopped in at the original Starbucks Coffee shop that’s not far from the flying fish market. You know the one Greg, were they still use the original (non PC) Starbucks logo?

Thanks John for the video of Irene catching the fish … that’s great! I was going to offer to pay Greg for a look at it … I might still pay just because it’s so good!

Steve Howard

Looking at those pictures reminded me that we have only two more years before heading up to Seattle (girlfriend finishing college). Made me want to be up there so bad I had to check the U of W HR site for job postings. Someday. Great write up Harper.


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By “one-footing”, what Harper means is that I had one foot hit the ground before my tumbling faceplant which can only be blamed on him. First he lulled me into a false sense of security by telling me how smooth the trail was. Then he told me the 15 MPH limit only applied to 24" unis and smaller. Then he distracted me with a bunch of mindless patter about the deep maritime history of the Ballard Locks, then finally he got me to look his way just before the one huge dip in the trail. Then he seemed offended that I wanted to ride behind instead of along side him the rest of the way.

On the food side, it is true I missed both the camaraderie and the thrill of watching JC try to choke down some raw fish, but I still ate well. I got home to find Marie had put the finishing touches on our “3 Day Chicken Soup”. On the third day, a good chicken soup–properly tended–transitions from mere sustenance into a work of art. Most restaurants don’t have the time to invest in such folly…

Urban Coker Riding

Well done Greg. I sent the post to my family in MN and they got a kick out of it.

On another note, I did come back to my dorm and find some of my good friends. I whipped out the pita bread and garlic sauce. After a few seconds in my sandwich maker the pita bred was primed and ready to go. What a huge amount of good food.

Riding with you all yesterday was great fun. I hope we can make it out again soon!!

–Irene Genelin

I think that it is only appropriate that you pay ME since Andy Cotter took the video, John Childs did the editting, and Irene did all the real work.

I forgot to provide the link to the index of all the photos I took. These folks are all great to ride with. Unfortunately we were missing a few that day. Coker herding is such a gas.

Thanks for the fun write-up. We had a great MUni ride in Auburn yesterday, with 17 people! Got to write that one up when I get my pictures out of the camera.

Nice also to see Irene having fun in Seattle with the unicyclists there. I wonder how she’s enjoying a winter that’s not frozen in a block of ice?

If anyone wants to see Irene Genelin sing and dance, go see Mama Mia at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We saw it on Jan. 3, and the lead character looks amazingly like her. Though I’m not real into musicals, especially ones based on the music of ABBA, that was a very fun and entertaining show. We also saw Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. Very cool. 18 and older only!

I fear it would be anti-climactic after watching her idle her muni on a wet tile floor slick with fish guts while catching full grown salmon flung at her from across the room.

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On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:22:46 -0600, johnfoss
<> wrote:

>We also saw Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. Very cool.
>18 and older only!

Are you serious?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

What is the world coming to when off-road unicycling is seen as conformist? - Phil

Re: Seattle Urban Coker Ride, 10 Jan 2004

thanx for taking us along greg
there’s currently a secondhand coker available for sale here in south africa
posts like that make me rethink my 2.uni priorities