Seattle Uni Ride Sunday 3/13 10:30 AM

3 unicyclists plan to meet at the Ballard Locks fish ladder on the south side of the Locks to ride to the Cascade Bike Club Expo on Sunday March 13th. 10:30 AM. Parking is free on the south side. $10 to get into the Expo. It is about a 3 mile ride, very flat once you get beyond the first 150 yards.

Anyone is welcome to join us.

Don’t let Charlie Sheen see our line of Cokers.


Who’s coming? Are you going to crank the big hill up to Magnolia or ride the sea level route over by Fisherman’s Terminal? If it’s pretty out on Sunday is there any thought of increasing the length of the ride?

Seattle Uni Ride

The plan is to ride directly to the Expo in the AM. Any plans can be after that can be adjusted. This was originally posted on the Seattle Unicycle Meet Up group by me. Noli, Michael and myself along with some two wheeled friend have agreed to meet. Noli is a strong rider (judging from a muni video I saw) Michael is probably fairly strong. Me, I can ride, but I am just getting reaquainted with my 36inch uni with new shorter cranks (probably a tactical error). I’m willing to give the hill a good try after I finish the Expo.

10:30 AM March 13th on the fish ladder side of the locks.


That would be fun but I have performance all day Saturday so my weekend will be pretty sparse for free time.

Saturday March 12th is the correct date.

Just verified the date and time and find it is really on Saturday March 12. I got the time right though.