Seattle To Portland

I am rolling out Saturday July 12th for the 2014 Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic.

I was in Alberta in April for work and all of May until June 18 I was in Quebec for several projects. It has been hard to be gone during the run-up for STP and too difficult to work 60-70 hours a week and train effectively for STP on a unicycle. So, I have almost zero specific training in for the STP. I plan to ride a full carbon road bike to bridge the distance. I was climbing 6 wind turbines a day and I feel strong and am running pretty lean, but I have no idea how any of the past couple of months will translate into pedaling a bike over 200 miles. It was really hard to put the unicycle down and turn to a bike, but I made peace with it and am actually excited now to try the STP on a bike. It may turn out to be more than a little precocious to think I can ride a bike from Seattle To Portland with a gap in training like this, but I am optimistic and hopeful I can hang with it and cross over.

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Are you shooting for 1 day or 2 for the ride? Should be a warm one too, over 90 I believe. Good luck!!

All that stair climbing should serve you well. I don’t know from bicycles, but one of the most important components of training, for me, for long unicycle rides is crotch time. May your saddle be kind to you! :slight_smile:

As an ADHD-er, one of the hardest things for me on long rides is dealing with the monotony (no pun intended) and sheer boredom that sets in. I can only listen to so much music or whatever on my ipod. So yeah, fighting the endless tedium is a big hurdle.

jona: There is an official “Rest Stop” about every 20 miles, give or take. There is free food, drinks, water, designated bike techs and lots of amazing, earnest people that do the ride with Cascade Bicycle Club.

Most people that drive their car from Seattle to Portland think of it as a pretty substantial road trip, kind of a big production and put some thought into it, but this Saturday 10,000 people are going to get on their bicycles and ride to Portland. Everyone has a different POV, but I find this amazing and I like these people.

I plan to focus on showing up at the first Rest Stop as efficiently as possible, pick the shortest line at the rest room and only spend enough time to recover, then go… and only think about the next Rest Stop and try to resist the urge to calculate what my ability to withstand the remaining mileage is at that moment.


When I get tired, I almost always believe I can ride just “20” more miles and the next Rest Stop is always 20 miles or less away, so off I go with only the thought of making it to the next Rest Stop.

Repeat until the next Rest Stop is the Finish Line Festival in Portland.

Cross over.

Breathe. Drink water. Live in the moment. Try to take it all in and remember this time when life is hard. Ask one of the hottest chicks on the planet to dance.

The short answer is to ride to Portland in 1 or 2 days : )

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Thanks John. I have gleaned quite a bit of insight from useful advice that you have let slip over the years.

I don’t have enough “saddle time” to ride over 200 miles comfortably, but I think I can cross over in Portland. You nailed it really concisely exactly my biggest concern and it may just be that it will come back and bite me in the arse :frowning:

Maybe I can make up for my lack of preparation with Preparation H?

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Terry: You would not be bored on the STP. Most likely you would be the only unicycle at the event with 10,000 people that want to hook you up with some sort of “atta boy”.

You would soak up all that good karma like a sponge. I have no grasp of your ADHD but I do know that you are a “big phat attention whore” : ) and 10,000 bicyclist would love and embrace you if you ever roll out for STP.

You can ride a 20" unicycle around in a parking lot all day and have a good time without getting bored.

There is a lot more happening over 200 miles and a lot more to see than is going on in a parking lot, true dish.

Every Rest Stop on the STP is a really big parking lot… with an audience.

You would fit right in Terry, can’t imagine you would get bored. You would be like a hot chainsaw cutting butter.

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wtf. :roll_eyes:

StraightArrow has done the Seattle-to-Portland ride MULTIPLE times on a uni, so I feel confident he should have no problem on a carbon bike!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Noli. I crossed over Sunday afternoon. Both days were a struggle for sure.

I was unprepared physically but kept it together enough to finish. I had some energy to give away so I fixed some flats for people both days that weren’t “planning” on getting a flat tire.

I had four flats one year of the STP on the 36" unicycle and I really feel the tender pangs of empathy to help others on this journey when it is so comparatively easy to fix a flat on a road bike. It doesn’t hurt if it is a cute girl that is uber fit either. Women may not find me handsome but at least they find me handy : )

I hurt today all over. My legs are shaky and I have a cramp that wont go away in my right calf. I don’t think there is any easy way to pedal anything to Portland from Seattle.

I will post some pics when I get some.

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