Seattle to Portland Ride

Heya Gang,

I have looked around and I am sure it’s right in front of me somewhere, but can someone please point me to info on the Seattle to Portland ride ?


Re: Seattle to Portland Ride

I’d first like to point you to info on internet search engines:

Pasting in “Seattle to Portland ride” from your message above, the first hit I got was this:

Should be everything you’re looking for.

Re: Seattle to Portland Ride

Cascade Bicycle Club STP info

It’s July 9-10
There is going to be at least one unicyclist doing it this year. Maybe more.

Re: Seattle to Portland Ride

Excellent ! Thanks John - and what is this “google” of which you speak ? Some sort of magical oracle ? I will certainly check it out !

Seriously though…Are there many unicycle riders doing this trip or the Seattle to Vancouver BC trip ?