Seattle riders: May 17th Saturday downtown

Anyone care to do a mixture of uni & bike trials in downtown on Saturday? We’ll probably have half a dozen or so bike trials rider including myself (I’ll be riding half of the time & shooting pics/vids).

I thought it’d be a great to have a big group ride in downtown, more than likely across from West Lake Mall then towards the park near Pike Place Market and maybe down towards the water front. I’m shooting for between 11AM & noon.

If we’re not there give me a call at 2068010235 any time :slight_smile:

Hope to see you there :smiley:


Nice. Lots of playgrounds downtown and also on the waterfront. I will post this to the SARs (Seattle Area Riders) mailing list. We had a small trials ride at Gasworks yesterday with a turnout of five. We have done urban MUni downtown but not much along the lines of trials. Moving from place to place with a trials unicycle is kind of prohibitive so doing it on MUni is a little better.

Good stuff, thanks for relaying the message :slight_smile:

That’s the nice thing about downtown Seattle, lots of stuff to ride close by. :smiley:

I miss Gasworks, used to live there few blocks away!

uni seattle

I just moved to Seattle, and I uni every day. Anyone know how I can get in touch with other riders to go for a ride? I’ve been the only rider in my town until now, and I’d love to see peoples faces when they see like 5 or 6 unis :slight_smile: I’m considering starting up a thing for seattle uni, but I have no way of gauging just how many riders there are.

Check your PM’s for instructions on how to sign up to our mailing list.

You say that now, but you may change your mind after you see our faces.

What kinds of riding do you like to do? Seattle has some really nice places for muni and trials riding, and there’s nice cokering both in the urban space, and out in some of the rural areas. Follow Harper’s instructions, and hopefully we’ll be riding soon. Good times in Seattle right now…we’re gaining more riders than we’re losing.