Seattle ride, week before Xmas (36 or xc muni)?

Hi: I’m going to be in Seattle for the week before Christmas, probably Sunday-Thursday. My wife has indicated openness to me sneaking off for a few hours to do some riding. Anyone interested? I hear there’s a number of 36er riders in the Seatlle area – it would be fun to do a group 36er ride. Or I could bring my 29 for some xc muni.

I wouldn’t mind a 36er ride. I also have a Nimbus 26" muni. I haven’t ridden off road much. I have never ridden with anyone else. In fact I have only seen 5 other unicyclists in the last 31 years of riding.
Most of my riding is commuting to and from the bus stop. I work grave shift with mid week off.

Midweek would be great, although preferably during the day. :wink:
let’s see if anyone else responds…

I am up all day on the nights I don’t work. If you want to ride on a day where I have to work at night the morning will be better.

If you can’t find anyone to ride with I suggest Colonnade Park under the freeway or Duthie Hill. They are both muni style riding, Colonnade is always dry. If you need directions just let me know.

Seattle has plenty of 36er riders, I’d be surprised if you don’t get a response from someone. I’d ride with you but can’t pin down an available date.

I am open to a ride and would drive to Seattle for a unihappening. Very busy work schedule that week though. Something about a major holiday coming up, never sure what all the fuss is about.
J.D. in Tumwater

Google is our friend. . . those look like really great places to ride! Munis are going in the truck, so even if I get rained out of a 36er ride (or do riders out there just laugh off the rain?) I can hit Colonnade. Thanks for the tip!

Yeah, it’s funny how depending on your job, the week before Christmas is either dead or crazy. For me it’s dead, so I’m taking the week off. It would be great if it could work out to ride together, but I understand if you can’t (unfortunate how needing to pay the rent screws up our priorities, eh?).

BTW: if you ride at Collonade be sure to start at the north end and work you way south. The south end is full of ramps and jumps for BMX riders, difficult to impossible on a uni. :astonished:

No Go for week before Xmas

Hi All:
I just got scheduled for a critical work commitment the evening of the 21st. :angry: So I won’t be able to make it out to Seattle that week.

I’m reviewing my options, and hope to re-schedule my trip to the following week, between Xmas and New Years. If that can work, I’ll put up a new thread to try to put together a group ride that week.

Thanks for the positive comments I’ve received, and I still look forward to meeting up with some Seattle-area riders in the future, hopefully soon.