Seattle Muni Weekend - Aug 2015

I just want to announce an upcoming muni event: Seattle Muni Weekend.
I realize it’s 5 months out, but i just want to make sure people have plenty of time to plan. Details will be coming in future months.

Come ride two publicly-funded mountain bike parks (including an urban mountain bike park) and ride and eat at Gas Works Park, an important location during the early years of street unicycling!

Preliminary Schedule
Seattle Muni Weekend 2015 Schedule (Aug 7th-9th) (Note: the dates have changed since original posting to the 7th-9th)

August 7th (Fri)
Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park (1~5 miles)
Grand Ridge (6 miles, or 12 miles)
Gas Works Park (riding & BBQ)
August 8th (Sat)
Tiger Mountain (6 or 12 miles)
Group Dinner. Location TBD
August 9th (Sun)
I-5 Colonnade Mountain Bike Park (urban mountain bike park)


Just curious, is there a campground in the area where attendees could stay?


I just looked into a few options, and the top 3 seem to be the best in terms of location.
(in order of convenience) (Sammamish, WA) (Issaquah, WA) (Fall City, WA)

Lastly, this is a listing of campgrounds in the area. Most of them are pretty far.


hey I am fairly new to the unicyclist community, and have not really attended any sort of group ride yet! I in fact have yet to find another unicyclist near me! But anyways I would love to ride with some people and get some sweet trails under my belt as well as a decent trials course. My main question; is there a way to sign up for the event or do we all kind of just gather, then ride?

Generally everyone just shows up, but it’s nice to know ahead of time to gauge how many cats need herding. :slight_smile: I’m not one of the organizers but that is the way other Muni Weekends have gone.

BTW: there is a group that meets every Wednesday evening at Gas Works Park if you are interested. Just drop in. Noli can give you details.

You are fortunate to live where there are a lot of riders. Four of us did Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park yesterday, if you schedule it they will come.

Here’s a link to the group that meets Wednesday nights.

Seattle Area Unicycle Riders

Count me in Noli!
Also, if there is anyone who lives in California who plans on attending…I will be driving through Cali from Phx on the 12th or 13th and I would love driving company for anyone who needs a ride north. Are there any San Diego or Orange County folks who might want to carpool?


Cool well I would love to attend the muni weekend as well as some of the Wednesday night meets, thanks for all the info! I will check my schedule and get the details as well as do some planning and ! Thanks again, and I will hopefully see some of you guys soon!

For those interested in an extended stay, yes, we meet at Gas Works Park every Wednesday evening from 6:30-9. Come early and join our weekly meetup.

Question: If the dates were shifted to Aug 7th-9th, would that ruin anyone’s ability to attend???

(Just considering at this point because it would allow 2 people who really want to come from California to join us)

Wont’ bother me, I have parades both Saturday’s so it’s six of one - half-dozen of another.

For those of you who want a sneak peek of the trails, The second half of this video (starting at 2:00 until the bails) is nearly all Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park (Friday’s main ride).

Would probably be slightly easier for me with the earlier dates. (Not 100% certain if I can make it, but I’ll give it my best shot.)

Landon, I’d be up for carpooling. (I’m in the Los Angeles area.) Let’s discuss as the date gets closer.

Landon, I’d be up for carpooling. (I’m in the Los Angeles area.) Let’s discuss as the date gets closer.

Great, carpooling would be quite fun. Feel free to get ahold of me when we get closer to August, I sometimes forget to check the forum.

Just wondering if the event dates are “officially” August 7-9? Or is it still 14-16?


Still need to talk to a couple of key people, but it’s definitely looking like the dates will change to Aug 7-9. I should have definite dates in about a week.

Thank you! Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

The dates have been changed to Aug 7th-9th. I’ve contacted Gilby about getting the original post on the main page modified. We’ll see what he says.

But for those of you thinking of buying tickets or making lodging reservations, the DATES HAVE CHANGED.

There were a number of people who had conflicts on the original weekend dates. With Aug 7-9, no one seems to have conflicts that i’m aware of.

Awesome! Now begins the planning…

Is it possible to change the dates in your first post? The homepage is still displaying the old dates.