Seattle International Juggling Festival 2003

The Cascade Jugglers are hosting the Annual Seattle International Juggling Festival 2003 June 27 - 29, 2003 at the Seattle Center.

There will be a Unicycling Workshop on Saturday afternoon from 2:00 - 4:00.

We are still working on the details but come on down to share skills, try uni’s, etc. and stay for the Saturday Evening EXTRAVAGANDA at 8:00.

Ya Gonna Be There?

I thought Erin and some of the other Vancouver riders were coming down for that festival. Will we be planning some kind of ride and, if so, were, when, and what kind?

Re: Seattle International Juggling Festival 2003

Totally. I’m a sometimes member of Cascade, at least to the extent that it’s a pretty fluid membership setup and I’m not much of a joiner. :stuck_out_tongue: We spent most of the weekend there last year, and it was a lot of fun. Didn’t uni at the time, although Miles learned at the Portland Juggling Festival which came just a couple months after. We’ll definitely participate in the uni this year, as well as the juggling. Try new tricks until tired and frustrated, then go throw clubs at people.

You are right Harper, I will definitely be down at the Seattle Festival. A couple other jugglers from Vancouver will be there as well but at this point I don’t know if any of the unicyclists, other than myself, will make it down.

The workshop in the afternoon will be a fun way to connect with other uni/jugglers without taking us too far away from the juggling action. We don’t have too many opportunities to meet with a big group of jugglers up here so I am pretty keen on hang’in with the folks that throw stuff around.

On the other hand there has been some regular conversations among a small group of Vancouver unicyclists (well, ok truth be known, among Slugbath and myself! :sunglasses: ) up here about planning some sort of gettogether with the Seattle uni club some time… perhaps the interest warrents a seperate meeting time even?
We’ll see how it goes…

As for Vancouver uni club action we have quite a bit of it coming up: big Bike Fest in Stanley Park this Sunday and the West Point Grey Parade to ride in next Saturday… gonna be fun. If you feel like dropping by for either of those events, let me know.


Erin: just curious…do you know if Whistler offers any sort of uphill lift service for MTB/Uni in the summer? Realizing that may be a cruise, if they do it could also be a fun way to get together in a nice place, plus get in lots of vert. I’m assuming there have to be good trails there, but I’ve only been during snow season.
I look forward to meeting and throwing things at you in Seattle.


Hi guys,

Due to a deeply unfortunate surplus of other people’s weddings that weekend, I am not able come down and play at the juggling festival. :frowning: However, as Erin mentioned, I would love to get together some other time to meet you southern folk and your fiery steeds! Hopefully we can arrange something for later this summer!

On the topic of lifts, I have never ridden at Whistler, but information is available here:

I would be slightly worried about being run over by a pack of roaring freeriders on a busy weekend…I’ll ask around and find out what the scene is like on the different rides.

Have a good time at the juggling festival! Try not to be jealous that I will be serving cucumber sandwiches, washing dishes and smiling in my (ugh! Oh NO!) dress clothes while you are getting all tired and dirty unicycling around Washington… :stuck_out_tongue:


Saturday morning Muni and/or Sunday evening Muni or Trials after SIJF are still open…

Re: Seattle International Juggling Festival 2003

My kids, Megan and Kristin went to the Festival 2 years ago and it was fun.
They ended up teaching skills to the jugglers doing the workshop. Do remember
some of the unicyclists at a juggling festival are professional clowns in their
street clothes.
Barb K.