Seattle, have you seen this rider?

My friend is in Washington for the summer and he said he saw a unicyclist in Seattle. I wonder if it is someone on here.

Picture of him. I think this one best describes his personality.

I assume that’s a picture of your friend. My brilliant powers of deduction deduce that the picture was taken in California and not in Seattle.

We’ll need a little bit more info to help identify who this mysterious Seattle rider was. What size unicycle? What type of unicycle? Adult? Young punk? Approximate location, downtown, by the University of Washington, someplace else? Identifiable clothing? Approximate time, AM, PM, morning commute, evening commute?

And believe it or not, there are unicyclists in Seattle who do not read this newsgroup or associate with the more well known Seattle area riders.

That pic is of my friend, and it was taken down here in Ventura.

He said the rider he met was about 30. He said looked like my '04 Torker LX but silver. I don’t know any other details.

I met a unicycless unicyclist this evening (he sold his on ebay), but he looked to be in his early 20’s and he didn’t look at all like an '04 Torker LX. He was pretty much white, not silver. Oh, also, this was in Bellevue, so probably it wasn’t him.

Time to require photo identification for all unicyclists around here, and maybe a mandatory registry.

Any idea what part of town?

I’ve had some random unicycle sightings in Seattle. One time I was riding my Coker along a bike trail near the University of Washington and coming the other way were two unicycles. One 20" black Torker and one trials uni. I had never seen those two before and they had never seen a Coker before.

I don’t know. My friend didn’t have a unicycle with him. He saw some guy who rides. That’s who I’m trying to figure who it is. :slight_smile: My friend is 17.

Re: Seattle, have you seen this rider?

Summer, what is that? It always rains here.

Have him look us up for a ride.

We all look alike after 30. :smiley:

I ride a torker

Well I must say I ride torkers. But I don’t think that says much. I ride a 16", 24", and a 5ft torker. However I do believe I’m the only one who comutes on a 5ft as of late. I’m down to my 16" and my giraffe. 3 are down and in need of repair, one at a time.