Seattle - Duthie Hill on New Year's Day

Hey to all Seattle riders: I’m still in Seattle, and I’ve convinced my wife that my riding buddy son and I have put in sufficient museum time this week. The weather looks to be great tomorrow, although on the cool side. So we’re headed out to ride, probably to Duthie Hill. I’m guessing we’ll get there around noon.

Most of you likely have something better to do than cruise the forum on New Year’s Eve. :roll_eyes: But if you happen to see this, it would be great to see you tomorrow. PM me and I’ll send you my cell phone number.

Duthie should be an interesting ride. Bunch of bike friends from school work on the trails there. I asked them about good trails for uni’s but they couldnt tell me much because they are always on the trails with jumps and such they dont ride anything technical.


I just sent pm. I am interested in riding tomorrow. I get home from work around 9:00. I will leave shortly after that for Issaqua. I have never been to Duthie park. It shouldn’t be hard to find. I should be able to make it by 11:00.


Hey Tony,
If bunches of jumps are not considered to be technical around here, I may be getting in waaaaay over my head. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyhow, from the map it looks like Duthie is pretty close to North Bend, so you should absolutely check it out - and when better than on New Year’s Day? Hope to see you there.

Ohh i’d be all over that and down to ride with you guys but i dont have a muni to ride. i only have a trials.

And by technical i ment trails with like rocks, turns, and drops instead of jumps.

I’m with my 10-year-old, and the trails should be dry, so you could probably keep up just fine on your trials. Or I can loan you my 24 muni, if you’ve got a fairly long inseam - I brought both my 24 and 29 munis, just in case :slight_smile: .

Im about 5 foot 9 or so, i could bring my KH seat post… i cut it down some.

The 24 is a Nimbus muni with a 24.? mm seat post.
The 29 is a KH. So your seat post should fit the KH, but that would put you on a 29, which might be a bit challenging if you haven’t ridden one before. I don’t mind loaning it to you if you want to give it a try.

i imagine i should be fine on my kh20 since your son will be riding with us, plus there are some skinnies, drops, and ladders i would like to ride on my 20.