Seattle Coker Ride 15 Feb 2004

We had another nice day for an urban Coker ride on Sunday, 15 February in Seattle. This time we had a big herd of seven Cokers which just means more fun and partner riding opportunities. George Pendergast, Tom Jackson, Steve DeKoekkoek, John Childs, Irene Genelin, and myself. In addition, we were lucky to have Andy Cotter visiting here as a guest from Minneapolis and we have SPARE cokers for people to ride. The weather turned out to be OK. It started out to be very overcast but cleared up well enought that “doc” (George Pendergast) has to don his shades as evidenced from my pictures here is this gallery.

We started from my house at about 12:30 and went straight to what is our first photo op on the Ballard bridge. We’ve lost about 200 feet in altitude at that point but are still about 100 feet above the water. One of the fireboats was practicing there.

The next group of photos are at the beginning of the pier 91 bicycle trail, one of Irene’s favorites. Alot of time was spent there viewing George’s Coker which, for some reason, appears dead on the ground

This bike trail ends at the first of the two downtown waterfront parks, Elliot Bay and Myrtle Edwards. Here I took some riding pictures because my last Coker write up included only posed shots. I have several of riders passing a cargo ship out on the Sound. I have eight photos of riders in this area.

The trail through the two parks dumps into the downtown waterfront where I got a few more riding photos. Lots of ships and water. VERY pretty. We met a woman at the waterfront who was curious about the Cokers, having never seen one. We found out she was a rider, sized her up to fit Steve DeKoekkoek’s cycle the best and in no time had her on and riding unassisted. A sequnce of three photos of her riding starts here. We ultimately found out that she was at the Minneapolis Nationals in 1997(?) and she remembered who Andy and Connie were. If I didn’t know anything about geography I’d say that it was a small world. It’s not. It’s a big world.

Several photos follow of Pike’s Place Market, one of the most colorful and busy places in Seattle. We couldn’t get Irene the pansy to idle a Coker and catch fish this time. We did get some good photos of the appropriate riding team member in front of a huge garbage chute. Is he emerging or entering?

We left the market and rode back up the waterfront and waterfront parks and took a detour at the Ballard Bridge turnoff to go the the Hiram Chittenden Locks. These are poorly portrayed in the six photos following the link.

We ended the trip going along Shilshole Marina with its thousands of colorfuls boats in slips. Steve left earlier to get home but took a short detour to Sunset View Park as shown in these next three photos. The best shot of the trip was when we were still down at Shilshole and Steve was 300 feet above as at the park on Loyal Heights Bluff. He got an excellent shot of the six remaining riders below at sea level. He must have used a 10x zoom to get the shot. What timing. Hopefully he will post his photos as will Tom Jackson and Irene.

Come and visit us in Seattle and we will take you on this 18 mile loop with LOTS of rests. Our group even has some spare Cokers to loan, now. We finished back at my place just before 6:00 PM, had some beers and root beers and went to the sushi place just up the street from my house.

Highlights of this ride:

Watching Tom Jackson ride the switchbacks the entire way from Shilshole Marina to Loyal Heights Bluff, 300 feet in altitude gain.

Getting George Pendergast to ride with us a second week in a row, meeting his wife and daughter, and having them go to dinner with us.

Andy Cotter visiting again.

Steve DeKoekoek’s shot of Shilshole Marina.

Getting a bystander up and riding a Coker. And a cute one at that.

Having Irene around to ride with a bunch of geezers. Having her ride better than us, look better than us, and teach us some techniques about group touring.

Just being in the same group as a wild animal like John (you can’t stop me I’m a locomotive) Childs. And that’s heavy on the “loco”.

Dinner afterwards and my wife Karen’s chocolate cakes. And her tolerance for goofy unicyclists in our home.

Another fun ride, I’m still waiting for our first bad one.

We are a strange bunch though. On the way out we stop about every 1/4 mile for photos and sight-seeing but on the way back, when we’re tired, we do the long riding stretches.

I should have gone for catching the fish this time, later in the ride I idled the coker 25 times. When we left the market we rode through the crowd on the cobblestone street, talk about urban trials!

My photos are at . With so many cameras my volume of pics has been reduced considerably.

The Shilshole Marina Pic is here. It was shot at 10x (200mm equiv.) with 5MP resolution, then cropped.

Who organizes all these rides? Seems like you have one a week, and it’s like freezing up there.

My photos are up at <>

Ballard Bridge
Happy Hooker
Surprise Unicyclist
Pike Place Market
Roof Top
Ballard Locks
Shilshole Lookout

I thought the weather was great. We were all (minus the Minnesotans) cold to start, and going down to the Ballard Bridge from Greg’s place was like riding in front of a refrigerator fan. But the weather warmed up all day long, and it never rained! In Seattle, any hint of sunshine brings out a crowd of happy beings, and this Sunday was no exception. Besides the great company of Cokerists, we had a quite a throng along our selected route.
I was happy to get to meet and ride with Andy. I missed the Coker ride during his last visit to Seattle, bummer.
Also amazing to me was Greg’s hospitality during the ride and afterwards. Can we name this guy Ambassador of Unicycling? I don’t know if he tries, of if he just can’t help himself, but it appears effortless. I’m pretty sure his lovely wife Karen has something to do with it.
My favorite photo was John trying to out sparkle the Space Needle. This rooftop area looks like a great place to practice in the outdoors.

Urban Coker Ride

The Urban Coker ride yesterday was wonderful. I went ahead and figured out how to post pictures into the Unicyclist Community forum. I chose 30 of the best pics from yesterday. If you want larger versions, just let me know and I will get you hooked up! Click on this link to go to the gallery.

Urban Coker Ride, February 15, 2004

I want to also mention that Andy and I took these photos. The camera was Andy’s nice little playing card sized digital cam.

My highlights of yesterday’s ride include:

-Realizing that parts of Seattle resemble some urban Minneapolis rides that I have done while training for the NUT.
-Having nice weather despite what all the weathermen said.
-Making it all the way up the Pike Place Hill Climb on my Coker, just a few revolutions behind Andy, John and Greg.
-Riding with some really interesting and cool older folk.
-Karen’s chocolate brownies after the excellent sushi dinner we ate.
-The take home box of brownies that Karen gave me.
-The look on my friend’s faces when I gave them a chocolate brownie.
-Seeing everyone’s photos from the ride.

Until we ride again,



It’s freezing up here and it’s raining all the time. Don’t come up here and don’t bring your friends. It’s awful up here. You’d hate it. The scenery is ugly and the unicyclists are very mean people. Fights break out among our riders all the time and they get covered with muck in the mud-covered ground where they grapple. Everyone leaves angry. They are all selfish and no one shares any equipment. If somebody gets something new there is NO WAY the others get a chance to try it out.

Oh, an earthquake just struck and a volcano went off. This is going to be another bad weather day. We all carry guns and knives on our rides to protect ourselves from trail pirates. Do yourself a favor and don’t ever come to this outdoor wasteland. One of our riders was attacked by a herd of crazed squirrels yesterday and we had to bury him today.

Yes, we try to do this once a week. MUni, Coker, giraffe, trials, or urban MUni rides. Twice a year is the Iron Horse Trail Ride, probably the worst imaginable experience on one wheel.

Wow, that sounds pretty bad! Makes the K-street piranha, clumping tourons, molten tar pits (aka summer asphalt) and occasional drive-by shooting here in DC seem tame by comparison.

So what did the rider do to attract the squirrels? Was he riding like a nut or something? (bada-boom!)

Couldn’t that be said of all of us?

Note to Mikefule: our writeups have photos.

One day, my readers will club together and buy me a digital camera.

One day I’ll have the time, energy and weather to do a decent ride again. Yesterday: loads of energy, good weather, but no time (fencing). Today, lots of time, time, some energy, bad weather… :frowning:

Re: Seattle Coker Ride 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for the great ride report I cant wait till you start writing them like the choose your own adventure books where we can see john childs ride off the peir or do some freestyle on his coker and win over the admiring ladies.

Too bad I always end up taking the wrong path in thoes books and just read in a circle why cant I just resist going back in time to the mesozoic era

Wow Today is the 18’th and i just read your post I had no idea you all were in the area My house is blocks from the ballard bridge and my work is on shilshole ave. which you proably took to get to the locks and the marina I hope you all contract me for the next ride it has been a long time since i had my tom miller big wheel out (No23 built in 1982) i do like the cokers though and it may be time to get one. I keep cathing glimpses of a guy around greenlake on a coker is that one of you? white helmet with orange. Aaron Anderson

Hey there, I was looking at the photos and on the photo p2150004 the boat on the lower left is the one i am working on today what are the odds on that! Aaron Anderson

Send me an email and I can get you added to our mailing list where we organize the rides. My email address is in my sig line.

UniBrier also has a big wheel. I don’t know if it’s a Tom Miller or not.

We do a variety of rides usually once a week. Sometimes muni, sometimes trials, sometimes Coker.

Here are some links to some of our more recent rides. We don’t write them all up and we don’t always take photos. We always take photos if we have an out of town visitor or a new rider. We may have discarded some of the photo albums to make room for more.

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MUni Ride in St Edwards Feb 8 2004

If this looks like fun, and I assure you with this group of nasty, viscious people that it’s not, hook yourself up to that mailing list.

Hi Greg;

I wouldn’t mind seeing the pictures from your October 4, 2003 Ironhorse ride, I was the tall geeky guy who just showed up on the 26" MUni. Thanks.

Irene, your Coker is a sexy beast…is it a custom job???

I am yet to fall into the Coker trap guys but these great photo sessions really make me want one!!! How tall do you need to be to ride a Coker? I noticed one of the dudes on ya’llz ride looked like a shorter fellow. I’m about 5’7" (and 30yrs ole so I ain’t gettin’ any taller) is that tall enough

I just put my pictures of the October 4th, 2003 Iron Horse ride in my gallery.
Iron Horse Trail - Oct 2003 gallery

That does not include Greg’s pictures or any of the other pictures by other riders.

Greg, I actually lived outside of Seattle when I was 4-5 years old. Have only been back twice. Once on a layover on my way back from Korea and once to ski. I think it rains more days there than here, but not many lately.
As far as quality of life I know it is pretty good place to live. As for the squirrels, that I can handle. Rabid squirrels are my specialty.

Re: Re: Seattle Coker Ride 15 Feb 2004


I had my MUni Militia, one wheeled death squad t-shirt on for that ride. I never took off enough layers to expose it for a photo. Sorry, my bad.

Re: Seattle Coker Ride 15 Feb 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:19:02 -0600, zod wrote:

>How tall do you need to be to ride a Coker?
>I’m about 5’7"

You’re plenty tall. If a nine year old (Brad) can ride a Coker, you

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.