Seattle assistance please.

Hi there … am heading to Seattle January Fri 17 and Sat 18 and seek to hire a 36” for a day or two. Are there any places to hire in Seattle ? and if not wondering if any Seattle folk mind hiring their 36 out. ? Thinking $80 USD for 48 hours might be fair and am more than happy to pay. .
I ride on average approx 50 Km a week on my 36” mainly footpath and road on flat terrain. So your 36 wheel be in safe hands.
Appreciate any assistance to refer a place / local business in Seattle to hire one or volunteer to hire out yours … Many thanx James.
And I can also be reached on email …

Reckon some facebook groups might be able to help too if no luck here. For what it’s worth, I’d lend you mine but we are both in Sydney.

There’s also this group on facebook. Buy nothing travellers’ network.
If you aren’t a member of a local buy nothing group, I’m happy to help you out.

There are plenty of riders in Seattle. If you can’t find any let me know.

Ok appreciate your note … thanx. Jimmy.

Much thanx Kenny …let’s see how we go … Jimmy

You’re welcome to use mine for free. It’s an old Coker with a KH saddle. What’s your inseam? Mine is 35" (89cm). I can lower my saddle some but I’m hesitant to cut the seat post down. Old standard 22mm seat post. Sorry about the late response, I just got back in the country yesterday.

Make up your mind!

Massive Thank You To You Greg Harper

Hey Greg.
Thank you for loaning out your 36” this past weekend. I had a blast with it cruising around town for the day. It’s so cool that you reached out and were so generous with your time. !!

Any uni travelers heading to Sydney are welcome to reach out to me for a loaner
And hopefully one day Greg you will allow me the honor to look after you.

Cheers Jimmy

My pleasure, James. I always wanted to go to Sydney and still do.