Seattle Area

I’m in Seattle area and willing to travel as far south as Portland or north near Vancouver if someone sort of local has plans to cut loose with their mount, I am interested. Probably optimistic, I know, but maybe we can make a win/win. I only hesitate to buy something new because I’m kinda sprung on having a geared 29". When the geared 29" is more proven I would move in that direction. A new 36" may make the most sense. So, if you know of a good outlet, maybe clue me in. Like Rumsfeld said: “Information is good. I like knowing things”… If no one is getting waterboarded or tortured even better I say. Smile now, it was a joke. Post here or PM me with any info on a 36".

I’ve got a 36er that I don’t use much. Maybe I’ll sell it to ya.

I’m interested. Tell me some details. Brand, condition.what seat, whatever you can think of.

Lets see…

I got it around 3 or 4 years ago. It’s a Coker Big One Deluxe.

Beat up Viscount Saddle, Magura Brake, 125 or 140mm cranks (I’m not entirely sure), and the rest is just stock.

Sounds like you have a nice machine with some extras like a brake. Want me to come look at it before you tell me your price, or do you have some idea what you want for it? Maybe give me some idea? Whatever works. I’m 30-40 min. out from Issaquah.

Does 400$ sound good?

Seems like a good deal Pele. Depending on condition, of course. Did you buy this uni new? How many miles approx.?

I got this new. It’s hard to approximate how many miles it has (I haven’t used it in a very long time) but I would say it probably has around… 400 miles on it? I got it for my 13th birthday I think so it’s almost exactly four years old.

Pele, I am interested. Tomorrow I will be gone for a week. I would have liked to take a look before that but was’nt meant to be I guess. Any case, you have this unicycle when I get back, let me take a look real time? If this post generates some interest in your machine, then do what is best for you, always. I am interested, to be transparent.

Ok. I don’t really wanna go through the hassle of shipping it, so it will probably be waiting for you :wink: