Seattle Area Riders - St. Edward Park Muni

Last Saturday, Tyler Cox, John Childs, Tom Blackwood, Greg Harper, Doc George Pendergast, Logan Altier, Irene Genelin and Danny Allen went out on a great Muni ride at St. Edward Park in Bothell. We are the Seattle Area Riders, and as usual, we had a sensational time.

 We started out at a parking lot across from the park, playing around and waiting for riders to arrive.

 The riders then proceeded across the street and into the trails!  There was a plethora of trails, too many for me to keep track of, but there were a few outstanding memories.

 First, there was the entrance, where we spent a while playing on a nice technical stack of logs, as you can see in these pictures.  Harper had a nice bail, too, which you can see as a video in the gallery link at the bottom of the page.

 Next, we basically just rode the trails, hitting up any obstacle, drop, or log that we could find.  After using ye olde potty, and taking advantage of ye olde unicycle rack, we finally made it to a huge winding hill that led down to a beach of Lake Washington.  This wasn’t too bad on the way down, but the way back up was brutal.  Irene was the only one to ride up and down the muddy, steep, 350 feet of climbing twice without dismounting, except at the top and bottom.  Totally insane.

 The beach at the bottom of the hill was the most fun for me, anyway, due to the fun obstacles and technical little drops onto the sand.  Plus, it was fun to watch John attempting to tackle “the log.”

 After the lung-bursting walk/ride/waddle back to the top, we rested and drank in the shadow of a huge building that’s name or use I don’t know.

 Once recuperated, we rode around to the “group drop” location.  This is a 3 foot drop that is tradition to drop off of on all St. Edward rides.  After building up confidence on the ramp, I went for the drop and landed it multiple times.  Due to lack of decent drops in my ‘hood, it was probably my biggest drop to date.  (Photos by Tom)

 Finally, with about 45 minutes left in the ride, we rode over to “The Elevator,” a big V-shape hill with goopy mud at the bottom.  Getting down is averagely tricky, but getting up is near impossible.  Logan finally did it to everyone’s dismay, by hopping up at least half of the incline.  There we met two mountain bikers with many questions, one of whom recognized Irene from Cokering around the University of Washington campus.

 All in all, a superbly fun ride with many technical obstacles, roots, logs, and fun stuff to hurt yourself on.  And wow, what a cardio workout!  The links to the galleries are below.  Mine is in its own album, and Tom's is the bottom of page five and all of page six in his SARS album.

Click here for Tyler’s Gallery

Nice writeup, Tyler. Thanks again for organizing the ride. It was a gas and with eight riders a nice turnout, too. To bad you and your dad missed out on the after ride Thai food. It was a good place. Next time.

Glad to hear the Thai was good.

Just thought I’d clarify photographers real quick:

Group - Tom
Twirling - Tom
Three Log Shots - Tyler
Unicycle Rack - Tyler
Silhouette - Tyler
Danny and Uni - Tyler
Group Drop - Tom
Tire Macro - Tyler

Nice write up Tyler, I enjoyed the photo write up layout.
You did a good job organizing the ride, and you couldn’t have picked a better day.

We’ll have to do another group ride in the next month, if not, see you on the Chilly Hilly I hope.