seattle area riders,Harper,JC,UniBrier,T.Blackheart etc.

it looks like (at this point) the Bend guys are not responding to our queries about a you Washintonians have a ride planned?

we would have to leave from Salem real early (6am) and get to the riding zone by 11am and hit the rode home by 3pm at the latest…so whats up?

we want to ride too,not hang out at the gasworks park talking hops.we want the most technical trail you’ve got…:smiley:

P.S. technical means downhill not a full day of climbing for gawds sake,i would die!

When would this ride be? I’ll be out of town this weekend.


crap,in my haste i forgot to say that it would be this week-end.

Saturday I’ve got a parade. Sunday is open.
However, the weather for this weekend up here is wet. Saturday is a chance of rain late in the day. Sunday is showers and sunbreaks.

If you want to ride up here on Sunday an option is the Winery Trail up near North Bend. That trail was one of the muni fun rides during the 2002 UNICON. It’s a technical downhill trail with an easy dirt road climb to get up there. I haven’t ridden that trail in over a year so I’d need to scout it out tomorrow or Friday to make sure it’s still in good condition.

An alternative would be the trails on Tiger Mountain, but those trails have more difficult climbs. Tiger Mountain trails. The Iverson Railroad Trail would be an option. The Preston RR & Northwest Timber loop is probably longer and more climbing than you want to do.

I’d be up for a ride in Bend some time. If you can get one set up down there I’d drive down. Or a ride on some of the trails near Mt. Hood. I hear they have some trails with stunts.

And I’m thinking that a group ride up on the North Shore would be a fun ride sometime this Summer.

what about this Sunday,even if the Bend folk dont respond,we know some clear lake trails that are ride there?

Can do. Bend looks like it’s 6 or 7 hours away from Seattle. I could leave right after the parade on Saturday, be in Bend sometime Saturday evening, dinner and suds at the Deschutes Brewery, sleep at a motel, and be ready to ride on Sunday. :slight_smile:

The weather is going to be better in Bend too.

cool,sounds like a ride is brewing…Gene still has to clear it with his family…i would love to get ther on Saterday and drink the suds with you but i dont drive…come down early,skip the parade and pick me up! then we’ll ride Sunday!

oh wait,im with Gene,J_C you can sleep on my couch for a night too no problem…its a nice comfy couch too.

That would work too. And Boon’s Treasury for a burger and beer.

well it turns out that there is a problem,a wife problem.she says if im going to be gone uni’ing all day Sunday that i “better not freakin be partying all night saturday”

im pretty sure thats code for “spend some time with me”

So no couch i guess.

We are waiting to hear from this guy in Bend.there is a bike fest thing going on Sunday so i dont know what the hell is going yet.i just wanted to ride with a bunch of Muni’ers and everyones off on these weird tangents…

where’s unibrier?

are you guys busy too?

Sorry, I’ve been tied up with spring sports, work, buying a SUV, and getting ready for vacation later this month. We’re heading out for the Black Hills Muni weekend and Yellowstone.

I think I missed the entire month of May on RSU and have been lurking for the past few days just to catch up.

I saw JC today, sounds like the ride was a wet success.

I’m in Tillamook the weekend of August 14 for my wife’s class reunion and the Tillamook County Fair. I wouldn’t mind trying more Tillamook Nat’l Forest trials up on the Wilson.

Gales Creek Browns Camp

Hey Jag,

Just now seeing this thread, so even though you called me a name that doesn’t match my character, that wasn’t the reason I was ignoring your post. Was riding in Utah last week, and not paying much attention to RSU.

Hope you had a fun ride in Bend. C’mon up some time…we promise we won’t make you climb too many hills.


We ended up going to Falls City rather than Bend. Bend would have been dry but we weren’t organized enough to organize a ride over there. Instead we went to Falls City where it was raining and showering on and off all day. It was a bit wet during the ride, but you can’t let a little wetness keep you from riding if you live in the Northwest.

The trails in Falls City are great. It was very slippery in places due to the rain. A little bit of clay in the dirt just made the slippery bits more slippery. But still, good fun was had by all. Jagur made an amazing drop and ride down a very slippery slope. It was the same drop he did in the video link posted on page 2 of this thread. Only this time it was wet and slippery.

Pictures are in my Temporary Stuff gallery. The stuff in my Temporary Stuff gallery is not guaranteed to stay around for long. I may move those pictures to their own gallery or I may delete them later.

I’m going to have to go back to Falls City again. Those are fun trails. They’ll be even more fun when it’s not wet and slippery.

I’m also going to have to do a weekend trip to Bend sometime soon. Bend is a fun place to visit and I need to explore the trails they have there.