Seattle area Riders - Dreams of riding naked?

The Fremont Solstice Cyclists parade is June 21st this year. There are usually 4 or 5 of us riding as a team, would love to have more. If you have questions please contact me and I’ll get you hooked up.

If you hesitate to ride in the nude it is not required. People will be in all stages of dress/undress plus mostly covered with paint. It’s surprising how quickly you forget you are naked when there are 1,000 other naked people riding with you. :smiley:

Looks like fun, but a UPD during that event would be brutal!

I have nightmares of riding naked… Does that count? :astonished:

Does 15.5 have toes in his shoes-sandals?
I’ve seen socks like that but not shoes.

A running mount naked must be interesting. Or painful. :smiley:

There’s a slow running movement using those shoes, made popular by the book “Born to run”.

Thanks, I’ve hadn’t heard of them before.

I really don’t care for people watching me ride with clothes on.
Without clothes I probably couldn’t mount and ride away :astonished:

Do you think people could stare more on an unicyclist than they already do?

Actually, yes.

Yes, those are the footy toe shoes. It was an experiment, and he hasn’t ridden with them since. Not terrible, just not as comfortable as shoes.

Running mounts are not recommended but possible. You become very gentle with your wobbly bits. I’ve only fallen once in three years of riding and that was my own fault, trying to ride one footed while tired near the end of the parade. A few scratches on my legs but nothing serious, luckily.

It’s important to wrap your seat with a cotton towel or you end up with a rash on the inside of your legs, vinyl against skin is painful after a while.

The guy with the basketball (me) has something duct taped to his uni neck, looks like a tube. That is a pair of shorts in case there is an equipment malfunction and he has to walk home. :astonished:

How long is the parade route?

Since the parade ends at Gasworks we park our cars there and ride to the paint party, taking our time. Then there is the actual parade which is a couple miles by the time you are done. It’s a long day but tremendous fun! Since parade loops several times we often drop out after a couple loops, depends on how people are feeling.