Hi! I’m kinda new to these forums but I love your stuff :smiley:
I was just thinking… How high do you guys prefer to have your seats when jumping of bigger things ? :thinking: I just got the Kris Holm 20" trials!


I like mine so that I can keep the seat in, but still be able to absorb shock and scrunch my body to jump.

Ís it easier to jump when it´s lower ?

it’s easier to jump with it low to a certin point then it actually become less of a help, because you have to bend down to much to get the handle and it hurts your back. I have it set so its about 2-3 inches lower then the reomended seat hight of full leg exstention

P.S. welcom to the forums!!


it really dependson whether you’re jumping seat in front or seat in. for seat in the seat should be a little lower than normal riding height, but for seat in front most people prefer it higher to make it easier to hold. a good middle ground is just something you need to experiment with.

Ive got my trials so that when i stand on the pedals when theyre horizontal ive got about 5-6inches between my crotch and the seat…That allows me some room to pull up on the seat as well as some room to scrunch up when i land, but isnt to low to hold comfortably.

um so for sif you should put the seat a bit higher then seat in?

well, ideally, you could move the seat height when you change jumping styles, but thats a hassle, so you really just mess with it until its easy to jump both ways.

Cheers for the tips!

It depends, if your strictly a SIF rier, have the seat higher, it makes it a lot easier to tuck the uni and it wont straing your back with pulling on a lower seat.

If you do a lot of seat-in and then have it lower so you can tuck it more while its still between your legs.

If you do a little of both and a lot of rolling hops, get it somewhere in the midle so it works both ways.

I keep my saddle as low as it will go, there is only about 6 inches between it and the seat post clamp. I think most people like to ride theirs a bit higher though.

Is there a reason you ride it so low??

I ride with mine really low but thats because I am trying a new seat height and seeing if it helps because I ride both SIF and seat in.

I have mine to where when I’m syanding on the pedals at horizontal, I can stand straight up and still have the handle in my hand. Its low enough to give room and high enough to where I’ll never have to bend over to reach the handle.

I don’t do much seat in front.