Well the seat on the unicycle I am borrowing is so messed up that I have to buy a new one.
Whats a good seat that I can order online, from a reliable source that doesnt cost too much?

Jon D. ,Thanks

What kind of unicycling do you do? I think the Kris Holm seats are best for Mountain Unicycling, and Miyata seat are best for trials.
You can find both of them on

If you’re from Canada, then Bedford.

and I am from canada, but how do you order from bedford?, if you can that is.

Click HERE


I allready knew how to get to the site.
How do I order from the site?

Have you tried emailing Darren? He replies promptly.

I’d say you could email Darren and he could sort out the ordering thingy. Alternatively you could harrass him via email or PM by visiting his profile. Spyder beat me to posting the email info, but I can add what appears to be a phone number:

Bedford Unicycles

no, because I haven’t decided what seat I want to order yet.
I just wanted to know how to order. So do I just email him?

o, okay thanks, I will probably order from bedford.

I would say , best bet is to call Darren Bedford, and tell him what you need and what you ride. He’ll know whats the best for you, and he will be able to describe the seats to you no problemmo