Seats to buy and sell.

I’m looking for an extra seat with a handle and wondered if anyone was interested in selling their Stealth Torker seat with the post? I think the black Miyata style seat would be cool.

Also, I am still looking for someone interesting in buying the burgendy Sem Deluxe seat that I have up for grabs at $35 US plus shipping.

E-mail me off list if you are interested in selling or buying:


The UniStar (Stealth Torker) has a 25.2mm seatpost. The regular run-of-the-mill uni’s have 22.2mm seatposts. Keep that in mind.

Ahhhhhh, thanks for pointing that out Greg. In other words the Stealth Torker seat would not fit on say a Sem XL? It would be too fat? : :eek

In that case I would have to hope to buy a used regular Miyata seat with post… hummmmm, that may not be a very easy feat…:frowning:


it’s likely that you could use hte black miyata seat with a normal miyata post, if you can get the post off in the first place.

Ya, the sadle has the same base- others have done it, should be no problem.


Yeah, I’ve put a miyata post and a GB4 post on a saddle from a stealth torker.