Seatposts: CrMo (welded) VS Impact (no-weld) (my no-weld broke)

Hey Everyone,

I broke my Impact no-weld seatpost the other day. It broke where the small slits are for the bolts to go through. I purchased it just before Unicon XV so I had it for around 7 months. I’ve got some questions.

Does 7 months seem like a good life-span for a no-weld seat post?
What is advantage of having no weld in the seatpost over a welded seatpost?

Prior to breaking my seatpost, every 30-60 seconds I had to knock my seatpost back in place because it twists…even if I tighten the seat clamp and saddle bolts as tight as they can go. My Dad discovered it was twisting where the top part joins the rest of the post. Has anyone else had this problem?

Help and advice appreciated.


i did the same to mine, i luckily got it replaced, no charge, Kevin @ said it was probably a factory fault. my new one is fine.

Get a cromo post, when it breaks weld it. Done.

I don’t have a welder and I don’t know how to weld.

get the new koxx one no weld, on piece seat post (aka Pit Fighter III). I know it’s from koxx, but since there’s no welds it should be fine.

You can post it to me and I’ll make it indestructible, for free, but you pay shipping.

Shipping from New Zealand-America would probably be more than a new post.

Right now I’m using a KH post, the one with the silver top part with no weld + a pin I think, it’s holding up fine but I don’t break too many posts.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

I’ve got one of those too but mine was moving around a bit so i just punched out the split pin and epoxied the tube to the bracket and put the pin back in, I’ve had no problems thus far

Here’s what i had done to mine. i just got a local engineering guy to weld it for me :slight_smile: its the same back and front of the post, that with a CF base and i’ve had no trouble since.

dude you should have a piece of tube between your seat post and base so it doesn’t crack…

Also I run the new KH10’ seat post and its fine at the moment, it has 1 pine going all the way through so its great