seatpost size

i just got two inches chopped off of my seatpost, and i can’ believe the difference in the way i’m riding now. i can freemount a lot more successfully than before, i can attempt idling, and turning is no longer something i dread. the three mile ride home from the bike shop was way easier than going there, and i was already tired and leg-hurty. i just hope it’s still long enough for when i put my 102’s on it, or i’m going to slap myself. many many times

If the seatpost isn’t long enough with the 102s don’t slap yourself, or go to the bike shop. Just stop by the local hardware store and buy a cheap pipe cutter. That way you can permanently end the slapping, and adjust your seatpost length :smiley: .

Pipe cutting

Cutting the seatpost again will not make it longer. Shorter cranks often mean it is more comfortable to have the seat higher because you do not have to stretch so far at the bottom of each pedal stroke. Once you have cut a seatpost it is very difficult to put it back on. With steel you can cut it even more and weld some tube on the end, but then you are likely to have a lump in the post where you can’t push it down any further. With an aluminium seatpost like a Thomson there is no going back, and you should only cut it to the right length the first time, because would not be cheap to start over. I bought a pipe cutter and it was not cheap either. A hacksaw is many times cheaper and does a similar job if you can cut straight and clean it up. The Rothenberger pipe cutter I got had no chance of getting through the 7mm thick aluminium ends of the Thomson seatpost, I resorted to the trusty hacksaw to cut it.

pipe cutter.jpg