Seatpost question..?

I’m planning on ordering the Nimbus Hoppley today(ish), but I really don’t have an idea what the “seat post length” should be. I’m guessing I should go with the 400mm. I’m just shy of 6 ft tall if anyone can help me out, that would be spectacular.

Also it seems like there’s pretty mixed opinions on the Nimbus gel saddle. Some people like it, some don’t… but I havn’t really found anything on the KH fusion saddle. From just looking at the two, it seems like the Nimbus gel is the one to get, but I’m not sure it’ll hold up comfortably after a few miles.

I’m also going to use the Hoppley for mostly street riding, and I’m pretty sure this is the right uni to get…?? Is it worth the money?

thanks a ton

My suggestion is go with the longest one possible…Its easier to cut some off then to have to add some on.

Buy a long seat post then cut it off with a hacksaw. Cut just a little at a time (inch) until you get the right length.

It’s been suggested many times, but much better than a hacksaw is a pipe cutter. The sort that look like a little C-clamp, and have rollers and a blade work wonders, cut straight, and save on elbow grease :slight_smile: Anyone who works with plumbing is likely to have one that you could borrow. Do take the first few turns lightly and carefully, because the groove you create in those first passes is where the blade will want to run as you tighten down through the post.

everybody go check Dad’s toolbox,
John M