Seatpost Question

Has anyone bent (on purpose) the curved flat top part of their alloy/aluminum seatpost so that the seat tilts back more?

I do this on all my steel seatposts cause I like a tilted back seat, and it’s cheap but can you do this on an aluminum one or will it crack/break?

Thanks, Carl

well…by accident i did once. lol. did a drop, completely messed up and landed with all my weight on the back of the seat. actually made it more comfortable.

just as long as you only bend it once i suppose…haha

I just add two fender washers on each front bolt. It works, is cheaper and a whole lot lighter than an adjustable seatpost and I have never had any issues with it.

I did what DSchmitt did too, only with a steel post. Trying to jump over a log and totally messing it up, coming down fully on the front of the seat. Ouch! And a very annoying ride back to the car… :astonished:

Thanks so much for the ideas. I’ll try a “planned” and well calculated UPD or not.