Seatpost Q

I am building a trials up and need a saddle. I like my lx seat fine so I was wondering if I could put a seatpost on my lx seat that would fit a kh frame. Like this:

Also is there a difference in the crank pullers on udc that can pull both isis and cotterless cranks? What one should I get?

The LX seat uses seatposts with the Miyata bolt pattern. The KH seatpost you linked uses the Schwinn bolt pattern. The two are incompatible. I don’t know of any 27.2 Miyata seatposts, and so if you want to do it you will have to use a shim to get your seatpost to fit the KH frame, or see if you can somehow re-drill your LX seat to fit the Schwinn pattern.

As for crank extractors,for occasional use they are all pretty much the same. Unless you are using it a lot you won’t appreciate the little details that make the better ones better.

Would this work?

(The 25.4 to 27.2?)

That looks right.

thanks for the help. Ill try it out.