Seatpost on Coker

What diameter seatpost is used? Can I take the seatpost I made for my Pashley
Muni and have it fit a Coker?

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Seatpost on Coker

Coker seatpost diameter: 22.2mm Pashley seatpost diameter: 25.4mm on the frame
end, but tapers to about 22.2mm where the wonderful Pashley seat attaches.
Reminder: for those people who don’t like the Pashley seat and have replaced it,
and no longer need it, I will pay good money for it. (Not much $, but still
good). I still want a couple more. I’m in Sacramento–I’ll pay for shipping and
a little extra for your time and trouble.

Ted Howe