Seatpost bending

I’ve recently been doing some quite heavy trials (big hops off stairs and such, big drops as well), and ofcourse, sometimes, stuff goes wrong. I’ve now wrecked two seatpost by bending the metal tab on top, instead of it being in the usual V kind of shape, the shape is now more like __. Resulting in the front part of the seat being pulled down. I now have a temporary vacation job in a machine factory, where I can probably weld a little bracket from the tab, to the seatpost (Seeing as I now have TWO crumpled ones). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Because I usually see pictures of the seatposts just snapping at the weld.

Sorry ERANT, I can think of no reason why the seatpost would bend, all I can think of is LACK OF SKILL! :smiley:

(We’re brothers)

I’ve bent many seatposts like that. At least five.

If you’re going to weld a stronger seatpost together I’d suggest getting a stronger length of tubing. The standard seatpost tubing is not very strong. In fact it is often not even true extruded tubing - its simply a rectangle of metal rolled into a cylinder and welded (hence the name ‘welded seam’). What is much better is 22.2mm diameter BMX candlewick seatpost. You can get this from bike shops. Make sure you get the right diameter for your frame. Reinforcing gussets should make your seatpost stronger.