Seatpost adjustability?

I’ve been practicing unicycling for a month now, using a friend’s unicycle, when available, and can go about ten feet without holding on to anything (a breakthrough of 50 feet is on it’s way, I’m sure). I’ve bought a Torker Unistar LX 20", which is on it’s way. However, I have some questions about the adjustability of the 400mm seat post. By how many milimeters is it adjustable? My inseam is only around 31", and I want to know if I’ll have to cut it, as you supposedly need to have an inseam of 35" to ride with it at 400mm. Also, say if it went 20mm, would it’s range be 400-420mm, or 380-400mm?

I have a 33" inseam and can ride with a 400mm seat post, but only by an inch or two. My guess is you will need to cut it down but that isn’t too hard with a hack saw. Just make sure to file off the rough edges after you are done or a) the post may not fit b) you are just asking to cut yourself at some point.

In general, seat posts adjust upward by almost as much as the length of the neck of the uni, except for about two inches. What most new riders don’t realize is on most unis the seat post won’t go down all the way to the tire, it gets stopped by a narrower section near the weld. So you can’t adjust downward as far as most people expect.

Okay, thanks. If I asked the shop I’m getting it from to cut it down, and possibly assemble it too, do you know how much it would cost?

I would think free, but I’m njot your LBS.
Why don’t you ask them?

You want at least 2" (50mm ish) of seatpost in your frame. You can lower the post until it bottoms out in your frame/on your tire.

I would cut your post so it feels comfortable when it is in the lowest position. that way you can still raise it if you want. Most people start with the seat too low.

I would cut it so it feels a little low at its lowest setting, that way you can have it at your regular setting, and if something changes in your riding style, you can raise it or lower it a bit to fit you.

I did that then I got more comfortable with riding and raised the seat a bit then I got some shorter cranks and then my post was not long enough to ride with the saddle high.

You can cut a bit more off latter if you want but you can’t uncut :slight_smile:

edit: I agree with you for people who have been riding a while but he doesn’t have a “regular setting” yet.

Thanks, all, this has been excellently informative. I’ll take this into account.