Seatdrop City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! I made a video today called Seatdrop City.
Its basically a lot of seatdrop variations. :smiley:
I’m surprised though that no one has done something like this thats why i did it.

ENJOY:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Theres just somthing about the video. Im not quite sure, but it needs somthing.

I think seatdrops arn’t that popular because it’s all done static, so it’s kind of crap for street or freestyle… looks pretty good but it’s not exactly special, Dan Heaton does a seatdrop 180 on a quarter in Defect I think.

It’s not a bad trick, but it kills flow.

I actually really enjoyed the vid. Shows a lot more balance than I have by miles. I mean really, your good at them, work on them more till your the bestest.

And Dustin, your sig’s lame “I’m addicted to speed, but not the drug”, I mean really…


Says mister orange text who can’t find a girlfriend, I’m insulted :angry: I agree however, it will have to be changed. It’s from a song from Swollen Members, not sure which one.

Not sure which…“members” are swollen, or not sure which song?

It’s Bottom Line.

That was pretty good, I would call it something more like Seat Drop Side Walk though. :slight_smile:

Haha, good one!

hes kinda lying about not being addicted to the drug