seatbase insert bolts like a kh09

first of all my englichs is not verry good its not my first so excuse me.

about the seatbase:
i got bored today and found some insert plugs on my work a thought why not put them into my seatbase

i have hurt people scratch there vingers on the bolts,
and thats why the new kh09 seatbase alsow come with inserts i think.

but you can easy fix up your old seatbase.

all you need are the inserts and a M10 tap.
the outher diamter tread is M10 and inside M6

pictures say more than i can say so here they are

let me know what you think

What stops the insert plugs spinning around when you tighten the bolts into them?
Have you tried putting bolts into them how much can you tighten them before the insert plugs move?


this was just a quick test

still have to put some sort of glue around them to stop them from moving

but i think the idea is good idea but have to test it

They’re inserts, like used on snowboards, so they’ll be glued into the seat.

My guess is that the seat material is not strong enough to hold the inserts.

It sorta answers a non-problem, since the bolts with cap nuts work well already.

What I really like is a seat with a built in seat post, like one custom carbon seat builder did when he molded in the top half of a Thompson post.

it was just a quick test and i alsow think the material wont hold up and the inserts would break out.

but still have not tried it so

have you seen what i did ?

kinda similar thinking, i did it in a different way, not convinced its perfect but it does work…