Anyone in Cheshire, or uk got a uni seat for sale ??

Hi Rocky1966

Have you tried ( Fab site and quick postie :slight_smile: )
Or Unicycles for Sale , Facebook page

PS. Welcome to the forum.
Have you checked out the Unicycle North West , Facebook page, ? That’s Fab as well !

Hi Rocky :slight_smile:

I have a spare old Quax saddle if you want it? It’s seen some use, with scratches to the bumpers, but is in fine working order other than that…

If you cover the postage you can have it.

Here’s a pic


Yeah I’ll take it off you, want me to pay you via PayPal ?

You’d have to pay it into my sisters account. I’ll have a price for postage for you tomorrow :slight_smile:


Cheers budi

PM sent :slight_smile: