I bought a 09 Torker and I think I would like to put a more comfortable seat on it… Don’t tell the 09 Torker that tho!

What should I buy?

Any way you go you will need a new seat post. The only seats that fit the Torker LX seatpost is the Torker LX or Miyata. Every other saddle on the market uses the Schwinn standard bolt pattern, and won’t be compatible with the original LX seatpost. You can get a cheap steel seatpost for $10-$15 that will work, and then you can use just about any seat you want.

The KH Fusion Freeride is probably the most comfortable saddle you can get right now. They are $65 at UDC. You might also think about a Nimbus Hi Top, or a Nimbus Gel. They are cheaper and I have a Hi Top style saddle that I modified with a center groove and find it very comfortable.

KH is your best option. Go CF or buy a stiffner plate for it if you want it stronger.
If its an LX do what the guy above me said and don’t worry about a stronger seat for now.

I’m not sure if the 09 is different. But the Torker LX seat only fits miyata style seats.

However, the DX is a different story I think.

CX can fit a regular seat.

I decided to order a Kris Holmes Fusion Freeride.

It sounds like a great seat and I hope that it fits me better than the street model.

I will buy a 2009 model and a alloy KH seat post too.

Thanks for your help with this decision. I bought the Torker lx thinking that it had a good seat but it pains me! I hope the freeride is alot better.