Seat vs Thighs

I have been having a problem while attempting to wheel walk, a fair amount of the time I can pull it out and get my stomach on the seat, but sometimes I can’t get it out between my legs, and when I yank hard enough it flies out from under me, are there any suggestions on what I can do to avoid this??

When you say wheel walk do you mean hand wheel walk? It kind of sounds like your talking about seat in front? Is seat in front what you meant?

yes, seat in front, but I didn’t mean to say wheel walk, I mean’t just stomach on seat

Time it. As the pedals come level, momentarily spread your knees a little and pull it out then. Level pedals is when you have the most space.

Watch out for baggy shorts or wide, grippy seats.

If you ride usually ride with your foot centered on the pedal, slide your feet back so you are riding on the balls of your feet before you go to seat out. This will give you added height as you go “tippy toe” when you pull the seat out.