Seat Tube Height - Flipping Problem!


Today took my KH 2008 from all the paint jobs and that stuff… During the last two weeks I trained with my dad uni, a Koxx Green Spirit with Odissey pedals…

Yesterday I trained a lot and my flips were really clean, like Shaun style, kicking fast and to the side… But today my flips are really ugly and slow in the KH…

The green spirit have a shorter seat tube, and I elevated some centimeters the seatpost… On the KH i’m using on the limit down.

I’m about 169cm and I don’t know if the KH may is too high for me!

Anyone have similar problems? And if it’s to high, any tips to cut the frame a bit?




You did not mentions what cranks are on each. 135s? 137s? 125s? Moments or what? That is prolly the “key” factor in the different results you are getting.

The Green Spirit is 135 and the Moments are 125… I suposed that with 125’s would be easier… I’ll try to put the Koxx wheelset on the kh frame…

Edit: i can flip normally, BUT looks ugly, for doubles is impossible… I will try to switch the wheel set now…

There is your variable. Switching crank length will give you a different feel. When I went from K1 streets, to Q125s I had a hard time flipping. It felt strange and like I had to push much more. Its because, with shorter cranks you have to apply more force to get them spinning tho you dont have to kick as far. So a short hard kick will get them spinning fast.
With 135s or so, the amount of force you need to move the wheel is less(more torque) but you need to kick farther, this is why you have that outward big looking kick. However they will not spin as fast as short cranks.

Longer cranks = less force, longer stroke
Shorter cranks = more force, shorter kick

At first when you switch crank length, whether its up or down you are gonna have to get used to it. So even tho you may think the shorter cranks flip slower for you, that should change. You just have to kick down more and not outward as much.

P.S K1 street 135s are super flippy.

Thanks man!

I was really woried! The difference tire to top of the seat post is 2cm, so probably the problem is the crank…

I will try to get used with it… About the 135’s, I heard someone saying that the KH bearing is worse for flips… Someone knows about that?

Well, Now I will ride hard to get used with it :frowning:

At least I’m the problems and the Uni is Ok!

have you concidered growing taller?

Yep Yep. no problem.

Just to give you the heads up. You just entered risky territory, having two crank options around. Hahah, I speak form experience. You are always going to be second guessing yourself about which cranks to use and blaming failure on the cranks that you are using then. Its best just to stick with one setup for as long as you can. 125s are where its at. Its worth just sticking with 125s and knowing that they will work well for you.

The bearing holders on my KH 08 frame seem to squash the bearings more than my KH 07 and nimbus frames do so the wheel won’t spin as freely. Shouldn’t make too much difference though. You could try spinning the k1 wheel and the KH wheel and see which one spins easier. But my best guess is also that you aren’t used to the shorter cranks. If you can’t get used to shorter cranks get longer ones. If you ride trials too then you may want longer ones anyway.

BTW, when are you posting pictures of your uni’s new paint job? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post the pictures tomorrow… I really think that I’m not used with the 125’s… But for sure, the K1 flips easier…

Thanks for all the help :smiley:

Could just be tight bearing holders. A lot of people think the bearing holders on the KH uni is supposed to be tightened down fully and that it was made to have a gold hold like that.


I tighten my bearings all the way down and it sucks. Keep them looser but secure and my wheel spins super smooth.