seat technology

i think someone should invent a foam handle that can stick on the bottom side of a seat. whenever i do seat out jumps, i get blisters, even with gloves (i use a miyata airseat). so, this new product would be some kind of ergonomic (no, i dont know the correct spelling) foam padding with some kind of adhesive that could stick to the bottom-side corner of the seat. has it been invented? does anyone else have problems with blisters and seat out hopping?

Have you done the slit tube + duck tape thing? It works well even for Miyata non-air seats.

Vinyl tubing on the underside edge of the seat will make it much more comfortable when holding the seat for seat out jumping. Get some small diameter vinyl tubing (such as that used for refrigerator ice makers), cut in lengthwise and tape it over the edge of the seatbase. I have pictures in my air seat gallery showing what the vinyl tubing fix looks like on a carbon fiber air seat. If you don’t like the vinyl tubing you can use other material to round off the underside edge of the seat. Many layers of hockey tape would work.

Great idea! That’s what this forum is all about! I’m just this week putting together a new CF seat and working on my seat-out hopping and noticed the same problem. Perfect timing. Thanks, Dave and John.

The vinyl tubing idea wasn’t originally mine. Kris Holm first told me of that little trick.