Seat Straight

Does anyone else have problems getting their seat on straight?

Mine always seems to be off a little bit.

Wondered if there were any good tips for this. I just eyeball it and do my best.

Line your tire up to a straight line, then line your seat to the same line. If you get the clamp snug so it will hold the seat, but not tight, you can nudge it a little bit at a time.

Despite my best efforts, my seat is consistently 0.09 degrees CCW of dead center. According to my calculations, I expend an extra 2 calories every 10 miles by torquing my upper body to overcome this offset.

Hence, do not eat that crumb I just dropped. I’m going to need it.

Seriously, I eyeball it too. For a second opinion, I eyeball it with the other eye. While straddling the uni, I look to see if the handle is centered over the tire… that’s all.

If it’s really “off” then I’ll feel it while riding; I’ll get off and re-adjust the seat. If not, then I don’t worry about it. It makes but a crumb of a difference. :wink:

Your seat might not be staying straight because of the lube that helps you adjust the seat hight, if you wipe this all of and tightin the clamp more, it should stay straight.This is what i did and my seat hasn’t moved yet.

I have found that you have to make sure you are lining the whole seat with the line of the tire not just lining it up with the center of the handle because the handle is often off center a little bit

My seat is almost never perfectly streight using the methods described above. So I get it as good as I can, then hold the wheel tightly between my legs and give a good wack on the side of the handle. If I’ve tightened the post so tight that I can’t really do that I smack the seat of my uni against a telephone pole or something.

Same problem here. I think it is an illusion for me though. The seat is straight but I think my T7 must be bent, or the rail adapter is crooked or something. Anyone else have this problem?

yeah my handle is off by alot so it always looks off center but only an illusion

My T7 angled my seat very slightly to the left compared to the handle. I was considering bending my handle just a little bit to correct this then realized that there is the tiniest bit of wiggle room in the bolt holes and just loosened all the bolts, and then re-tighten them with a bit of twisting pressure on the seat and it is all lined up now.

On my trials I make sure I can see equal amounts of the frame on either side of the seat with the tire centered in the handle. For my 26" MUni I just make sure the saddle is centered on the tire front and back at the same time, and with the 36er I just line it up with the front of the T7

My T7 isn’t even close to being ‘level’. It is very off-centered in a number of ways when you look at it. But I can’t notice when I’m riding.

The just try it method

I adjust at first by eye balling it. Then turn it a little. I’m not saying my ass is crooked, just that straight ahead by eye ball is not always right with all seats I use. Maybe both legs are not exactly symmetric. In any event, with any given uni-seat combo, start eyeball straight, then adjust to what feels best.

I think the “remove all grease and tighten it down” method, has a problem.

The seat post should be held with a quality clamp. Then grease it at install. Tighten the clamp so that the post doesn’t move so easy that it’s pissing you off. Like mine haven’t moved ever unless I crash hard.

But you want your seat to twist in a hard crash. Carry an Allen key with you if you crash hard often.

If your seat post is clamped with a decent clamp to 10/10 tight, with no grease, crashes that are cheap to me, because my seat post swivels on a severe impact:D , will be expensive for you.:frowning: Expect to find damaged seats, posts, and even frames, if the post clamp is adjusted to “welded”.

Also, if you should want to adjust the post a year from now after a day at the beach, think rain and rust, grease is your friend. Grease your seat post, and don’t tighten it more then necessary, so it will twist and prevent parts from being damaged.

due to the fact that I wear glasses (that transform shapes) I am unable to align the seat properly judging things with my eyes only.
There should be some marks that will enable us to match.