seat stiffeners

lots of people have been saying that KH and miyata seats aren’t stiff, but my torker lx saddle is allright, not great, but ok. I tried hopping w/ my friends new KH fusion saddle and it’s really flimsy feeling!
are there any stiffener plates for KH saddles?? the one on seems like it’s only for miyata and similar.


george barnes(of GB4 fame) is currently working on a new stiffener plate for the KH seats. no idea when he’ll get it done though. he’s moved out to denver and away from all his metal workign tools. well most of them anyway. but, to answer your question: not yet.

Prototypes are getting laser cut as we speak.

CF Base is the answer. You can make things stronger by adding in more steel, but they will be heavier. KH saddles are already one of the heaviest on the market.


sweet. now if you can build me a trials before JULY i’ll be pumped. that’s when the KH 05 trials are said to be getting back in stock on udc. i can’t wait that long, and i don’t want a qu-ax or nimbus.