Seat Stiffener -making one

Is there a pattern for a seat stiffener?
i want to make one
im thinking about cutting out of 2 plates and welding them together bent so its super solid and strong
i think its 1/16" thick… maybe a tiny bit skinnier
it should work well
no matter what it will be better than what I have now … its broken lol

I really don’t want to take my seat apart
maybe a CF seat pattern for holes will work?

You can make a pattern with paper. If you are just wanting the positioning of the holes you can take off the seat post and handle and trace the holes out.

^^what he said. if you can, punch square holes and use carriage bolts. also 1/16th of an inch isn’t much, i’d go thicker.

im doing 2 plates that are 1/16th and welding them together, i was hoping to NOT take the seat apart cuz I don’t exactly have time

oh. 2 1/16th plates. that’s probably good. um, if you don’t have the time to do the simple task of taking the seat apart, how are you going to do a good job on the plate. good plates mount between the base and the foam/tube. not the post and the base.

…because a 1/8th plate is too thick for you to work with?

Keep in mind something with a spine will be stronger (and possibly lighter) than a flat plate.

yeah, i was thinking this would be a lot stronger than a 1/8" plate
the plate I have is just what was free, i have 2 plates, and if I weld them together then it will be much stronger than a 1/8" plate

im making it in a class … I ride the uni to school