Seat recommendation

Since I’m going to have to get a new seat when I finally learn to ride, can anyone recommend a good one? It will be used for riding around town and maybe hopping curbs but that would be it.

Nimbus Gel
Kris Holm Fusion seats

The nimbus gel is pretty uncomfortable on long rides.
If I go anywhere on my freestyle I have to seat drag most of the way:)

For just cruising around and doing a little bit of hopping, the KH fusion freeride saddle is definitely one of the most comfortable stock saddles you can get.

Nimbus Gel saddle.:smiley:

Okay. Nimbus gel or KH Fusion. The seat I have now is very uncomfortable and I’m getting bruises on the insides of my thighs from it so I will be ordering a new seat.

NOT the Nimbus gel.
It has a slim profile at a low price, but you will get saddle-sore very quickly if you try to go any significant distance on it without just playing around the whole way.

If you plan to hop around on every obstacle you see, do spin tricks down the street, or work on freestyle while you’re commuting then it’s fine…but generally people don’t do this.

Cranking as fast as I can on my unicycle with the nimbus gel I get saddle-sore after about half a mile if I don’t take precautions against doing so(riding part of the way standing up or doing as described above) and I have to do this more and more often as I progress past the first mile.

I generally don’t ride distance on that unicycle:p

KH Fusion Seat…

KH Fusion Seat… Get it. :expressionless:

Personally, I like the KH Air Saddle. I commute 8 miles to work and back once or twice a week on my coker and don’t get too sore. I still haven’t figured out how to keep the tube even distributed, but I’m working on it. It’s a very comfortable saddle.

Dirk, take the cover off and hold the tubes in the perfect shape, while a friend wraps duct tape around the tubes and seat base. I also tape a piece of closed cell foam over that.

I’m with Brian O , in the fan section for the free ride. An air seat is slightly better, if you become an amateur upholstery technician, but the free ride is best out of the box.

The Nimbus has a poorer quality stapled on seat cover, and it’s rounded shape often feels like the seat is on crocked, at least for me.

I’ve done a few thousand miles on the Nimbus Gel saddle, and still find it great. I’ll admit that I’ve not tried many other ones, apart from crappy ones on cheap learner unis, but I’m more than happy with the Nimbus Gel.


gel seats are worse than DX seats in my experience. any regular foam seat that i’ve ridden is better.
i have ridden about 10 different seats, some of the learners were MORE comfortable than my KH gel seat.

what seat are you riding now?

It’s the seat that came with the uni. It looks the same either way so I had to look at the pedal cranks to see how they were marked to know where the front of the uni was. It’s very uncomfortable. My 15 year old just got one of the same brand but it had a different seat on it which is much more comfortable.

i would go with kh or a k1 (koxx 1) wich u can get from they are the same seat (i heard this from kris but im to lazy to find the quote) but k1 has more colors and stuff that looks really cool imo

Just about any of these newer seats are going to be worlds better then what you have now.

I recommend the KH Freeride. All the other KH seats are pretty good, but the freeride has thicker foam that is shaped a bit nicer with a groove down the middle and are more comfortable for just sitting on.

The other seats like the Gel saddle (both the Nimbus Gel and KH Gel) are kind of designed more for trick riding, seat out in front hopping, stuff like that, and thus aren’t all that comfortable for sitting in other then short periods of time.

The Koxx-1 seats are pretty much the same as the KH Fusion seats, but not the KH Fusion Freeride.

Maybe you’re right. My RTL qualifying ride was only about 10 hours in the saddle on the first day, and the gel saddle felt fine. But after nearly 12 hours of riding on the second day I was beginning to ache and chafe a bit. But I put that down to the cheap cycling shorts I was wearing that day.