Seat questions.

Okay, my T7 coker handle is coming tommorrow:D so I need to fix my seat today.
I took the KH coker seat apart.
I now have a small innertube on my old seatbase, it is super light. I put the KH cover over the innertube and put it back on the seatpost. I don’t have any bumper handles.
Do you think I should leave it this way, because from the looks of it the T7 handle protects the seat from any bumps that could result from when I fall.
Thanks for any help.

The T7 does protect the seat nearly the whole way round, my bumper has some small scratches right at the end from dropping the uni sideways but that shouldn’t be a problem. Not sure I’d want to without the front handle tho, I need to use it to mount.

can you do a “no hands mount”? - you know, just stick the seat in your crotch and get on:)

Nope, the T7 sticks me in the belly if i static mount, I always rolling mount.