Seat Question

Ok so i just broke my qu ax cross seat, my question is should i wait another week till i have the 10 bucks more i need for my nimbus trials or should i just next day air a seat from UDC?

Id just wait a week.

How bad is the seat broke? Pictures?

Cause you could still manage to practice some tricks that don’t rely heavily on the seat, or if it broke right, you could still use it for SIF and do stuff that way until the new uni gets to you.

its busted at the frontof the seatpost all the way thru, im borrowing a friends seat right now…but i think im just gonna order the new uni!

oh yea def just wait. for sho. then you have a uni to ride while you earn the money needied to ge a new seat.

waaaiiit…if you just broke a seat in 1/2… you’re going to break the nimbus as welll…

problem solved, i just bought my friends brand new kh street saddle for 30 bucks cause he got 2 by accident =]

Cool, It’s a really good seat IMO

Yeah but its going to break just as easily. He either needs to reinforce the stiffener plate or go carbon fiber.

im goin easy on it for now and when i get enough money (gotta buy my nimbus) ill upgrade to a scott wallis w/deathgrip handle

Dg handles break doing street or so I have been told.

?3? have broken that i know of. thats a pretty high number considering how many have been made, seriously i think you’re better off with a plastic handle.

wow no way!

the handle is too much of a bumper. ANY carbon fiber is not going to be happy with constant collisions with concrete.

if it was plastic coated or something, it might be better, but its not.

no way!!! LUCKY!!!

ya i haden’t thought of that, i wish they made plastic deathgrips, they’d prolly be cheaper too.