Seat Question

I did a search but only found stuff about air seats. My question is how can I fix my seat (Nimbus Gel) so it doesn’t feel lopsided? When I’m going straight on flat ground it’s uncomfortable. It feels like it’s higher on the left side. When I lean/turn left it feels comfortable. Is there a common fix for this or is it not a common problem. Maybe I’m just lopsided?

is your seatpost bent??

I had a Schwinn seat that felt tilted to the right, and I put washers between the post/seat on that side. It did a good job of balancing the seat, and it took only a few minutes.

good solution, i would imagine that would remedy the problem wether it is the seat or post!

Not a bent seat post. It’s new and it’s felt that way out of the box. I’ll try the washer idea. I still think I’m physically lopsided.

If you are primarily riding on the street you could be feeling the road crown as well.

Try the washers and see what happens. I haven’t had the lopsided seat problem so I can’t really give much more advice.

If you’re thinking you are lopsided, turn the seat around and ride with the nose pointing backwards… Another thought is that if you are riding in the street. The street slants down so water can run along the curbs. I notice this a lot when I ride my coker. I always feel like the seat is lopsided, but it switches when I ride on the other side of the road.

I had one of the older Nimbus gells

It was kinda roundish on top. I hear the newer ones are more KH like. That saddle always did feel a little crooked to me , no matter how I adjusted it. My KH street and free ride saddles are fine. Perhaps you could try to cut the foam a bit to make it flatter, but the cover is stapled on, making fussing with it kinda a hassle.

I fixed it by giving it away ! Certain people don’t get along with some seats, it was in other ways an OK seat. My friend is OK with it, maybe you should try a different seat. The free ride seems on top now. The new KH with the form fitting (like Terry’s idea ) cover, sounds like a great idea.

Do you ride a squarish tire - or carry a large wallet? (Costanza size)


You may be lopsided. (Perhaps you are like the older woman in Candide?) When I was getting started my body position tended to be lopsided with one shoulder in front of the other. I also went through a phase where I was convinced that my seat was twisted and would repeatedly reset it to “perfectly” square. Eventually I worked on my posture (head up strait, relax, shoulders even) and found that the lopsided effect went away. Riding figure eights seemed to help. Now I just jump on it and ride.

The one situation that does bother me is when the road has a large camber. I have founded it much more difficult to handle on a large unicycle, and it feels like I am constantly fighting the slope. If you think this might be the case, try riding back and forth on the same side of the street to see if the lopsidedness switches sides. I do not know how to ride with a camber and would appreciate any advice. (saskatchewanian?)