Seat push injury

Well, I was doing seat push yesterday, quite well actaully, but when I jumped off I twisted my ankle/foot. I landed on it so the right side of my right foot was bent downwards too far. You can kind of imagine what happened if you take your right foot, and bend the right side towards the floor – keep doing it until you feel stretching to the right of the joint in that little crevass, and then just think of landing on it that way. Ouch!

The swelling is going down, but I can’t put too much weight on it. I think I’ll go to the doctor if it’s not noticably better tomorrow. I’ve got one of those walking boots from a previous ankle injury on the same foot, so I’m using it when I have to walk somewhere.

Anybody else had this happen? By the way, I’m going at least 20-30 feet on seat push! :smiley:

I had basically the same thing happen over a year ago. I treid to go fromm freehanded chin on seat riding into seat drag, and when I bailed out, I sprained my ankle, although not too bad.

Sounds like fun, I’ll try that combo when I heal. I learned chin on seat the other day, and I’m getting seat push pretty good. Both are really fun skills, and when you put them together, it’s gotta be fun!

so you’re done with MUni, going back into freestyle then?
hope you heal soon!

Both, man! :smiley:

Anyone care to explain a seat push ???

you ride sif. then just drop the seat so u are pushing it along the floor
when i try i usaly end up on the floor

oh ok like drag seat in front