Seat protection

I realy need to keep my seat from getting scuffed up and I’m looking for tips to help

What type of seat do you have. And do you mean the fabric or leather, or the plastic bumpers.

you really cant unless you want to make a cover thats not the kevlar cover it womes with…like a sheepskin or something…maybe neoprene…you could prolly get some alteration place to make ya one if you were really concerned about it…or just not bail AT ALL…lol


Just buy an extra set of the plastic front and rear bumpers.

I use duct tape to attach a piece of plastic hose to the front handle of my seat. A friend used straps to attach a piece of garden hose. His look nicer than mine. The tape takes most of the abuse and wears off pretty quickly. That reminds me of how my handle would look without the extra bumper.

I just started this summer so I UPD often and don’t always catch the uni. I am planning to rip off the tape soon, though. I think I am (slowly) learning this art(!)

Now, is it the bumpers that are getting scratched? If so, they are supposed to be getting scratched.

The front bumper on my unis get kinda scuffed, and can get annoying when there is a little plastic chunk scratching at your hand, so I grab some sandpaper, and go over it a few times and get it smooth again.


i am realy glad that u guys gave me sugggestions

i just ducktaped it:D

I wrap my front handles with ducttape, feels good to me.

Ummmm… don’t drop it? As long as you never UPD, it should last for ages! :smiley: